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      Chile’s customer visit and praises MAFAL machinery

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      Update time : 2020-09-23 17:35:00


      On September 28, Chile cusomer of Transport and his delegation visited the MAFAL Construction to learn about the progress of producing machinery.It is reported that MAFAL started the trial operation in Santiago, capital city of Chile,last year and received favorable comments from the local government and the public.
      This year, MAFAL successfully won the 10-unit order of loader.
      During the inspection, the customer and his team took a ride on the MAFAL autonomous produce line, and visited the final assembly workshop, electrocoating workshop and high speed endurance test track. Moreover, The customer expressed that China’s new machine  industry represented by MAFAL has seen a rapid development over the years, and Chile would actively learn from China's experience. He also hopes that MAFAL will continue to help Chile with construction machinery.

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